ESCP Business School and Fusions & Acquisitions Magazine are pleased to announce the inaugural FDI Control Forum, to be held in Paris on June 22, 2023. Hosted in partnership with academic institutions and market leaders, the FDI Control Forum is the first conference of its kind in France. Regulatory experts and Parliamentary Members from France, Germany, the European Union, the UK and USA will discuss the latest trends and developments, together with over 50 highly skilled professionals including lawyers, investment bankers, auditors, strategy consultants, lobbyists and economic intelligence specialists. The FDI Control Forum offers a unique opportunity to participate in this dynamic area. Geopolitical tensions, health, energy and climate crises are leading States to rethink the balance between attracting foreign investment and protecting national sovereignty, including in their assessment and prevention of threats posed by foreign investment to their security and public order. To this end, governments have recently reformed and strengthened their foreign investment control mechanisms. These reforms have occurred in the United States (FIRRMA 2018), the United Kingdom (NSIA 2021), Germany (AWG 2020) and France (Loi Pacte 2019). This environment presents both challenges and opportunities in FDI control, requiring collaboration between regulators, practitioners and academics. As a significant recipient and driver of FDI, Paris, France is the perfect location for the FDI Control Forum. The FDI Control Forum will take place at two distinguished venues, La Maison de la Chimie and the ESCP Campus République across a morning and evening session.

8:30am to 2:00pm at La Maison de a Chimie: Morning conference and workshops under the “Chatham House Rule.” Our workshops offer a unique opportunity to engage with key players from France, Germany, the European Union, the UK and USA across geopolitics, economy, strategy, finance and law, and will give you an in-depth understanding of the latest developments and trends in global FDI control. Please note that a lunch event will follow the morning conference, providing an excellent opportunity for attendees to engage with workshop moderators and speakers.

6:30pm to 8:30pm at ESCP Campus République: An evening conference with a larger audience. This open forum will enable regulators, students, academics and civil society to engage in dialogue on the challenges posed by the increasing control of foreign investments in the M&A process, the rise of state rivalries that disrupt state national security. We will also be hosting a cocktail event following the evening conference, providing attendees with an exceptional opportunity to connect and engage with other professionals in the field. As a facilitator of frank discussions on major developments in FDI control, the FDI Control Forum provides a framework to conduct an in-depth examination of those sectors that are currently at the forefront of FDI control, as well as to predict those that will be significant in the future. The FDI Control Forum will examine FDI control practice as a vital element in M&A transactions, on par with competition and compliance. The FDI Control Forum is a necessary annual gathering that brings together experts from various fields, including government officials, academics, and private sector representatives, to share knowledge and experience on FDI control.